Annoying rollers - misses in one spot but not all of the time!

So here is the deal. Diring a print run there is one horizontal stripe that misses every once in a while. Really it is a cycle. Rollers are set correctly and in excellent condition. They are the blue rubber ones. The press is a C&P new style 10 x 15.

During a print run I will start to get a light strip then it will fade out all together. but just in a 1/4 inch strip. It will slowly work it’s way down the form and eventually return to normal inking. All 3 rollers seem to be involved in the problem. Last night when it started I stopped the press and pushed all of the rollers as far to one side as I could while they were on the inking plate. It did fix the problem but only for about 60 impressions. There is a bit of slop between the trucks and the arms that hold the rollers in but not too much. If I had metal trucks there would be hardly any slop. Would that make a difference?

It just drives me nuts when I have to let the press run for 2 or 3 minutes to clear the problem up!

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A couple of thoughts. Are the rollers/trucks rolling all the way down the track or do they occasionally slide? Lube the shafts holding the rollers so they are easy to move in and out. Make sure that the springs are strong and even on both sides. I found that one of my rollers pushes up so one end of the roller did not touch the rail nor the form during part of the inking pass.

Interesting! I will watch the rollers closely!

The shaft is already nicely oiled and the springs are strong and snappy.

I think the key to your problem is in your Jul 5 post possibly. When oil comes in contact with a train of inking rollers, that is the result. One drop even can do this. Wipe the backside of the ink disk, if there is excess oil (there may not be any there anymore as it dripped down and disapated already, giving you the problem that you mentioned. Try this on the end of your next run. Take a paper clip and flatten the end and pick up just a smidgen of oil. Just touch the roller with a trace of it. Roll the press over a couple of times. Then try to print. Does it look the same?


So what you are saying is that ink is finding it’s way down the back of the disk and up onto the inking side? Interesting! I will have to see if that is the case when I get home tonight.

What I still dont get is all 3 rollers are missing the same exact spot on the type. It is about 1/2 way down the form and happend in the same place for the cycle. It works it’s way down the form over th course of about 40 impressions. Once the light spot has traveled about an inch down the form it disappears.

I will however follow youe suggestion to see if it clears things up. If the solution is that simple I will be SUPER EXCITED!