Rare & Specialty Linotype/Intertype fonts

The time has come to do some downsizing and I am offering the following Linotype/Intertype fonts for sale. Many of these faces are hard-to-find “specialty” faces appropriate for formal invitations and announcements and are being offered at what I believe are very reasonable prices. So if you are interested in some great new fonts for your linecasting machine please have a look:

Alt. Gothic w/ Palisade 18 pt. $75
DeVinne Outline w/ Bold #6 12 pt. $150
Egmont w/ Ital. & Small Caps 12 pt. $100
Kenntonian w/ Ital. & Small Caps 14 pt. $100
Korinna w/ Ital. 12 pt. $75
Lotus w/ Minuet 14 pt. $150
Narciss 12 pt. $125
*Nova Script 18 pt. $125
Parisian w/ Rivoli 10 pt. $100
Parisian w/ Rivoli 12 pt. $100
Parisian w/ Rivoli 14 pt. $150
Typo Roman Shaded 18 pt. w/Engravers Text 16 pt. $125
Typo Roman Shaded 14 pt. w/Engravers Text 12 pt. $100
*Note: Nova Script will run in a regular magazine with the exception of the Cap M

Egmont w/ Ital. 8 pt. $45
Futura Medium w/ Demibold 10 pt. $45
Kenntonian w/ Ital. & Small Caps 8 pt. $45
Kenntonian w/ Ital. & Small Caps 10 pt. $45
Palatino w/Semibold 8 pt. $45
**NOTE: These fonts are in fair condition but show signs of heavier use.

Prices do not include shipping from Jackson, MS USA. Best offers for bulk purchases will be considered. Packages will be sent via FedEx Ground.
Once you have asked me to hold a specific font I will calculate shipping for you ASAP and hold the font for you up to 3 days pending payment. Payment should be made via Paypal.

If you have a FedEx or UPS account and qualify for discounts I will be happy to charge the shipping to your account if this will save you money. International shipping is available ONLY if you have a verified FedEx or UPS shipping account. (I cannot be responsible for any imposed customs charges.)

Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Ed Inman

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