Hot Foil Stamping & Embossing Print Shop

Priced to sell quick. All you need to get started!

Kluge 10x15 Press (old style)- Gold boss temp controller—auto feeder with a foil draw system and a 12x8 1/2 drilled and tapped aluminum heat plate. (single phase—220 volt)

10x15 Red Ball Heidelberg Platen Press— ink/die cut ( requires 3 phase electric).

32” Guillotine Cutter — By Dexter Folder Company of Pearl River N.Y —electric driven with flywheel (requires 3 phase electric)

Steel Top Hamilton Composting table

TemCo Phase converter— takes single and converts into 3 phase

Inventory of Foil

Miscellaneous Ink and Supplies

We spent over 21,000.00 to buy it. New it would cost around 150,000.00. We are only asking 10,000.00

All stored in a building. All on Pallets and ready to go.

If you have any questions shoot me an email.

For more pictures check out the link below:

Asking 10,000.00! Keep in mind that we have just dropped our asking price by over half when shooting us an offer.

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