Board Shears

Price $1,000
We are selling our metal table top and all metal John Jacques & Son board shears with a 40” blade. The board shears are around 600lbs and the length of the longest part is 6’ in length from the counter weight to the handle, the table tops length is 43” and the width from the edge of the table to the catcher bar is 54” and the height of the machine is 3’ (all of the measurements are to be illustrated in the image). The Board shears are in operational condition, they are aligned and the blade is sharp, it has been used in our print shop to make cuts while the board shears in the bindery are not being used by the classes. They are great ideal for any bookbinder or for any printmaker or an artist studio working in paper and thicker paper/board. The only two issues with the machine is, when it was assembled the counter weight was put on a little to far in so the blade doesn’t extend to the full swing, basically you loose an inch of the blades size, instead of getting the 40” cut you really are getting 38-39” cut.I have cut the thickest davey board and it works just fine. Also the other thing is it is missing its jig, that is something that can be jerry rigged. The Board shears are located at The Center for Book Arts in New York City. Buyer must arrange and pay for pick up/delivery, but I’m happy to provide a local contact if needed. The machinery is near a freight elevator, either needs to be put on crate or disassembled.

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image: Board shears 2.jpg

Board shears 2.jpg

image: Board shears 1.jpg

Board shears 1.jpg

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Board shears 3.jpg

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Board shears 4.jpg

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Board shears 5.jpg

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Board shears 6.jpg

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Board shears 7.jpg

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Board shears 8.jpg

image: Board shears 9.jpg

Board shears 9.jpg