Columbian press in UK

Columbian Press no 427 built in 1830 by Clymer & Dixon Manufacturers of 10 Finsbury St, London.

Platen 29 ¾ x 20 ¾ inches, Bed 33 x 22 inches.
Overall height 89 inches (+ 4 inches under impression)
Length 76 inches with bed out
Width 56 inches

Some play in linkages as is to be expected in a machine of this age, but in working order though not recently used. The left side of the staple on which the main lever hinges has been reinforced or repaired with straps on both front and back. The reinforcement/repair is old (the workmanship suggests Victorian era) and the machine works perfectly. (Note that the rather older Columbian at St Bride Foundation has a similar repair of similar vintage and also works perfectly.) The tympans and frisket are missing but the brackets for these are on the bed. The machine was painted black by its current owner who has used it to print type and linocuts. It would benefit from a little tidying up but there is no serious or difficult work that is required.

Location and removal
The machine is in the south of the Midlands of England. It is in a room at the back of a terraced house. It will need to be dismantled to remove it so that the parts can be carried out. The floors are flat and strong without steps to the street. The buyer is responsible for removing the machine.

Offers from £3000/US$3500/euro3500, buyer to remove.

This machine is being advertised on behalf of the owner, a retired hobby printer. I am helping by taking enquiries and answering questions having examined the machine. I will pass on the details of serious enquirers to the owner who will agree any offers that may be made. I can also, by separate arrangement, help with removal if requested. My interest is solely to see the machine go to a good home.

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