Italian fount

These founts purchased off ebay from an Italian source: does anybody have any ideas of identification?
The left hand words show the ‘straight’ fount, on the right is the ‘decorated’ variant. Note the ‘0’ and ‘O’!
Continental type height, so for printing ‘on its tod’ and on the flatbed press only!
many thanks for any help,

PS: it’s a rough proof only for i.d. purposes!

image: Italianfount.jpg


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No - founts traditionally in the British printing industry!

Or, more accurately, typefaces!

Or, more accurately, typefaces!

Hi Geoff. These are German typefaces (though they could be Italian fo(u)nts cast from German matrices). It’s Dolmen and Zierdolmen.

image: <a href="">1924 ad</a>

1924 ad

image: specimen image from <a href="">The Art of Letter Design blog</a>

specimen image from The Art of Letter Design blog

Hi Stephen

Thanks for the helpful answer - you are a fount (and very possibly a font as well) of typographic knowledge!

best wishes

Surely fonts are for Christening babies, whereas type is the fount of all knowledge, or so I was taught. The computer world error is almost certainly down to Adobe back in their early days, or maybe IBM in their golfball days . . In passing I always thought the only decent face in the golfball range, was their opinion of Baskerville, for that one alone someone made a half-decent effort.