Vandercook 320G MUST GO!

Looking to sell my Vandercook 320G (rollers replaced in 2012) and Challenge Paper Cutter—preferably together but will entertain the idea of selling them separately. Located in Chicago. Pickup only. $6000 together OBO.

The press takes up 2’11 x 7’9” of floor space, has a max form of 19x24.5”, and is 2000 lbs.
The rubber rollers were replaced in 2012.
The press serial number is 8762, It was made in 1914
I believe the max cutting width of the Challenge is 26”.
The cutter is about 750 lbs and takes up around 3’x6’ of floor space.
All of the equipment is on the ground level in a garage at the end of our long, flat driveway.

These have not been used in about a year, so they’ll need a little cleaning up, rust-scrubbing, but both work, and with a little love could be great additions to your shop.

Contact [email protected] with serious inquiries.

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