Identificación de matrices (stars parts)

Hola a todos, quizá alguien pueda ayudar con el dato de catalogación de una matriz para Linotype, 8 (estrella) A311. Ya que aparece una estrella en donde tradicionalmente está un triángulo no la he podido encontrar en los catálogos consultados de la Linotype.

image: Matriz 8 (star) A311.jpeg

Matriz 8 (star) A311.jpeg

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For my non-Spanish speaking friends:
Hello everyone. Perhaps someone can help with cataloging data for a Linotype Matrix 8(star)A311.
A star appears where a triangle traditional is located and
I have not been able to find it in the linotype catalogues consulted.

Thanks! Al Zavar

This is not a Mergenthaler Linotype Company face. It is “Star News with Bold Face,” 8 point, produced by Star Parts Company. Star Parts used a star rather than a triangle when identifying its faces. I’ll try to put a scan of a showing of it inline here, but I suspect that it will be too small to read. Here is a link to a full-resolution scan of a showing (but it is in temporary space, so download it if you need it):

This showing is from a comb-bound specimen booklet published by Star Parts Co. when it was a division of Powers and Eaton Industries, Inc. The booklet’s title is “Legible Star News for Wire Service, News, Editorial, & Classified.”

David M.

image: star-news-typeface-brochure-p15-8sA311-small.jpg


David M MacMillan, thank you very much for your help. It is valuable information for our printing press.
I send you a photograph of our source, it is beautiful, now we can call it by name, thanks to you!
Best regards,
Laura S.

image: 8 A311.jpeg

8 A311.jpeg