Large Lot of Metal Type, Borders & Ornaments

Typecase Industries in Washington, DC is proud to offer this epic bonanza of metal type: 146 fonts plus 6 cases of borders and ornaments, fully sorted with job cases and 2 double-wide typecases (included). We’re downsizing our metal type collection, much of which came from the home workshop of a long-retired printer from Doubleday Publishing when we bought his estate 7 years ago.

The metal itself: clean, sorted, and available for you to examine by appointment at our shop in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC! Loads of full font families and one-off curiosities, plus calendars, numbering machines, borders, ornaments, and delightful odds and ends from letterpress history scattered within… plus 5 unidentified fonts for your researching and printing enjoyment. A true treasure hunt that we haven’t fully completed ourselves.

The logistics: the type and cases are on the ground floor, 10 feet from a freight door at curb level. Not a single stair, ledge, or weird angle to complicate things (dreamy)! We’re available to help you load up.

The price: $6900 for the whole lot. At this time we’re keeping the collection together, rather than breaking it up.

Questions? We’re all ears! Please contact Alessandra

Happy printing!

14pt 20th Century Bold
14pt 20th Century Medium
18pt 20th Century Medium
14pt 20th Century Ultra Bold Extended
12pt Airport
14pt Airport
18pt Airport
36pt Alternate Gothic
18pt Alternate Gothic Condensed
24pt Alternate Gothic Condensed
30pt Alternate Gothic Italic
18pt Antique Light
24pt Antique Light
Assorted Borders, Brackets, and Hashtags
18pt Bank Gothic
18pt Baskerville
12pt Belair
24pt Belair
14pt Belair (Park Avenue)
18pt Bernhard Gothic Medium
24pt Bernhard Gothic Medium (CAPS)
18pt Bernhard Tango
30pt Bodoni Bold
36pt Bodoni Bold
30pt Bodoni Bold Italic
24pt Bodoni Book
30pt Bodoni Caps
42pt Bodoni Caps
72pt Bodoni Outline
6pt Broadway Caps
8pt Broadway Caps
10pt Broadway Caps
12pt Broadway Caps
18pt Broadway Caps
24pt Broadway Condensed
18pt Brush
24pt Brush
30pt Brush
36pt Brush
24pt Bubbly Outline
12pt Caslon
14pt Caslon
18pt Caslon
30pt Caslon
24pt Caslon Caps Open
24pt Century Bold Condensed
30pt Century Bold Condensed
36pt Century Bold Condensed
18pt Century Schoolbook Italic
48pt Cheltenham
30pt Cheltenham Bold
36pt Cheltenham Bold
24pt Cheltenham Bold Condensed
30pt Cheltenham Bold Condensed
36pt Cheltenham Bold Condensed
36pt Cheltenham Bold Shaded
30pt Cheltenham Caps
36pt Cheltenham Condensed
42pt Cheltenham Condensed
60pt Cheltenham Condensed
18pt Cheltenham Italic
24pt Cheltenham Italic
30pt Cheltenham Italic
36pt Cheltenham Italic
24pt Cheltenham Shaded
30pt Cheltenham Shaded
24pt Colwell Handletter
24pt Colwell Handletter Italic
24pt Copperplate Caps Light
24pt Copperplate Caps Light - Small Caps
30pt Craw Caps Medium
12pt Craw Clarendon
14pt Craw Clarendon
18pt Craw Clarendon
14pt Czarin
30pt Czarin
30pt Doubleday Caps
18pt Flash
10pt Franklin Gothic
12pt Franklin Gothic
18pt Greeting Monotone
10pt Helvetica Bold
8pt Helvetica Medium
12pt Invitation Shaded
24pt Italic Serif Caps
14pt Kaufman Script
18pt Kaufman Script
24pt Liberty
18pt Lining Antique
24pt Lining Antique
30pt Lining Antique
36pt Lining Antique
42pt Lining Antique
48pt Lining Latin Condensed
60pt Lining Latin Condensed
12pt Lithograph Shaded Caps
36pt Mernhard Gothic
pt Misc Borders 1
pt Misc Borders 2
pt Misc Borders 3
pt Misc Borders 4
pt Misc Ornaments and Monograms
pt Misc Ornaments and Stars
30pt Old English
36pt Old English
48pt Old English
18pt Onyx
24pt Onyx
30pt Onyx
36pt Onyx
30pt Open Italic
18pt Outline with Serif
24pt Parisian Ronde
30pt Phenix
36pt Phenix
24pt Roman Italic
24pt Roundhand
24pt Sans Condensed
60pt Script Initials
18pt Shaded Cheltehman
14pt Shaded Script
18pt Shaded Script
24pt Shaded Script
30pt Stymie Bold Open Condensed
18pt Stymie Light
10pt Stymie Medium
12pt Stymie Medium
14pt Stymie Medium
18pt Stymie Medium
6pt Stymie Medium Condensed
8pt Stymie Medium Condensed
30pt Stymie Medium Condensed Caps
24pt Swing Bold
18pt Trend
24pt Trend
12pt Typo Script
18pt Typo Script
24pt Typo Script
30pt Typo Script
18pt Typo Script Italic
60pt Unidentified Display Script
30pt Unidentified Modern Face
36pt Unidentified Modern Face
30pt Unidentified Modern Italic
30pt Unidentified Serif Italic
8pt Venus Medium Extended
10pt Venus Medium Extended
12pt Venus Medium Extended
18pt Wire Style Small Caps
18pt Wire Style Smaller Caps
18pt Wire Style Title

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image: Close up of type

Close up of type

image: Double-wide typecase

Double-wide typecase

image: Typecase


image: Close up of type

Close up of type