Julie Holcomb Printers Shop

After 38 years, it’s time for me to retire. I hope to pass the torch to someone who loves the craft as much as I do, and I will be more than happy to do whatever I can to help the new owner(s) succeed. I would like my many loyal long-term customers to continue to be well-served, and there is also great potential to grow the business beyond what it has been.

Julie Holcomb Printers is a complete letterpress print shop (5 lockout 10x15 windmills, including one with foil-stamping attachments; 22”x32” Heidelberg cylinder press with 30.25”x20.5” aluminum base for mounting plates; A2 plate maker; paper cutter, etc.) and a well-established brand, with letterpress wedding and stationery albums in stores nationwide. The business comes with proprietary techniques and materials for foil-edging (gold spray paint really does not look like gold foil), as will as substantial inventory of our custom-made 100% cotton mouldmade paper, with the set-up to convert into double thick sheets as needed. Also, there are dies and stock to make product boxes in house, and stock for new binder pages, envelope inventory, etc.

To learn more about Julie Holcomb Printers, visit www.julieholcombprinters.com.

If you are interested in pursuing this unique opportunity, contact Julie Holcomb directly at 510 654-6416

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