C&P 8x12, Hamilton Type Cabinet, Rubber Rollers

Moving and there’s no room for this equipment! Must have press moved by mid-April. All equipment is in a ground level garage, easy to move. Pick up only in Northern Virginia.

-C&P 8x12 Press (with working motor). This press is cleaned up and in good working order, with rails taped for boxcar base, Includes 2 chases and a Boxcar base. — $1500 OBO

-3 Rubber Rollers from NA Graphics with trucks - just over a year old and only lightly used — $300

-Hamilton wood type cabinet with metal type (mostly smaller sizes, san-serif from 6-36pt, others) — $500

I am happy to provide more pictures, video of the press running and details upon request.

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image: IMG_3467.JPG


image: IMG_3468.JPG


image: IMG_3465.JPG


image: IMG_3469.JPG