Challenge Proof Press

Inheirted a complete print shop that mainly used C & P letterpress and offset work. In the shop is an old CHALLENGE PROOF PRESS Style 1418L (or maybe E). Label states Challenge Machinery Co in Grand Haven MI. I know that the company is still in business, but lost a lawsuit on product infringment and discontinued making proof presses many years ago. It is a low 3-digit serial number! The hand crank still works and I used it many times as a child. Any idea as to value.? Condition looks good if all the ink and printer grime cleaned off? Is a small proof press (12” to 15” wide) in demand? Any help or information would be helpful! Am in Eastern Washington State. I will try to post a pic soon!

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A lot depends on your location. In some areas, there is way more demand than others. Where are you?

Post a photo of the presses, it helps to see for buying purposes.

Condition will really determine price but post pictures if you are interested in selling.

Harold, have you sold the Challenge Press yet?

If you are selling, I am interested in buying. Please contact me.

Updated. If someone knows of anyone with a proof press for to make hand crafted prints, please contact me.