Letterpress 10 x 15 Chandler Price (Press # 2)

Rare opportunity to obtain the historical 10 x 15 Chandler Price Letterpress in a condition that is FULLY FUNCTIONAL, with quality rollers, a FIXED SPEED MOTOR, and a unit that was professionally refurbished in 2010.

This unit has no deterioration (rust), and is in better condition that any machines being offered in the marketplace. Machine is currently in use with our printing operations, selling strictly based on a business downsizing.

Two (2) Chases provided with press.

Machine is on a Pallet Frame, and must be picked up Locally in Pittsburgh area.

We have a DOCK motor freight height.

Potential to acquire an additional Variable Speed C & P. .Purchase Both (Press 1 and Press 2) $3975 Total ( Essentially 2nd Press for $1025)

Note: Willing to trade for C&P Pilot 6 1/2” x 10” unit.

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image: Press 2 1.jpg

Press 2 1.jpg

image: Press 2 2.jpg

Press 2 2.jpg

image: Press 2 3.jpg

Press 2 3.jpg

image: Press 2 4.jpg

Press 2 4.jpg

image: Press 2 5.jpg

Press 2 5.jpg

image: Press 2 6.jpg

Press 2 6.jpg

image: Press 2 7.jpg

Press 2 7.jpg