9 typefaces, 14 fonts - looking for a good home

I picked up a couple of Adana letterpress machines and a whole bunch of type when I lived in London. I’m now in California and moving to photopolymer printing instead, and would like to find a good home for the fonts below. Most of them also include small wooden cases as seen in the photos.

My priority would be to sell all of it to one person. But if no one’s taken me up on that within a week or so, I’m happy to then split them up. Either way, just make me an offer (that will cover shipping costs).

(If you’re in the SF area, happy to have you pick them up or I could potentially even drop them off to you.)

Details on the typefaces - http://www.caslon.co.uk/Adana_Standard_Typestyles_Illustrated_0713.pdf
Details on the letter distribution codes below - http://www.caslon.co.uk/Adana_Type_Synopsis_2008.pdf

Typefaces & Fonts:
Imprint Shadow - 18pt, upper (3A) & lower (6a)
Times New Roman - 14pt bold, upper (3A) & lower (8a)
Times New Roman - 10pt, upper (7A) & lower (10a)
Dorchester Script - 14pt, upper (5A) & lower (10a)
Dorchester Script - 18pt, upper (3A) & lower (13a)
Plantin - 10pt, upper (18A) & lower (40a)
Plantin - 24pt bold condensed, upper (3A) & lower (6a)
Gill Sans - 12pt extra bold, upper (10A) & lower (24a)
Gill Sans - 10pt bold, upper (10A) & lower (16a)
Rockwell - 10pt, upper (18A) & lower (40a)
Rockwell - 8pt, upper (24A) & lower (24a)
Broadway - 14pt, upper (4A)
Spartan - 6pt, upper (18A)
Perpetua - 24pt, upper (7A)

Also I have a couple of random boxes of:
corner flourishes (18pt)
border flourishes (12pt)

Please note: exact type distribution is NOT verified to be correct - it’s approximate. (Though I did spend more than an hour going through all of the cases to do sample counts, so it should be pretty close.) Also, while most everything is fairly well organized, not everything has been put back exactly where it should be - you might find incorrect sizes, cases, or even fonts occasionally mixed in.

Finally, I’ve got a whole bunch of quads and spacers in a variety of sizes. I’ll send them along with the type to whoever wants them along with the fonts.

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