New Letterpress Galley Magnets

With 10+ years working with letterpress I have always been short galley magnets!

So during lockdown I decided to see if I could make a modern version, after making some for myself I thought would sell a limited amount.

These are designed to be the same size and have look and feel of the original galley magnets with a modern manufacturing twist, 3D printed with mounted magnet / magnets.

Each galley magnet has a pull of strength of around 7.5kg and the approximate dimensions are W 52mm x H 19mm x D 12mm and are available to buy singular or as a set of 6.

They are available to buy through my etsy store - link below

Thanks for looking.

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image: il_1140xN.2342040266_83t8.jpg


image: il_75x75.2389628403_sekj.jpg