C&P vibrating roller

First post here, great to meet everyone. I’ve spent a long time reading hundreds of posts and learning. Now that I am getting a press, it is time to start posting!

Question for the board, how common was a 4th roller on C&P presses? Specifically the 10x15. The press I’m moving into my garage has space for a 4th roller, or rider roller centered above the top two rollers. Looking through some old material, they advertised a vibrating roller to help distribute the ink. Just curious if anyone had ever seen one

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I don’t know if there were OEM riders on C&Ps other than the Craftsman models, but there were third-party options from Acme, Triumph and others—even Vandercook patented one.

I believe the pdf I was viewing was a chandler and price brochure, and they mention the vibrating roller in it. Let me see if I can post some photos.

image: 4A027616-D6EE-464D-9D20-26797365AFAA.jpeg


image: B88EF711-DA39-453F-8DB8-235F1F29685A.jpeg


I have 3 of them, they are a pretty cool accessory if you can get your hands on one.

They help ink Distribution a tiny bit, I like to use them to print rainbows.

rmiller021, I believe I found someone willing to sell me one. Shipping from California to Wisconsin may be a bit expensive, but I’d like to get my press back to how it was when it was originally purchased.

Interesting. That looks nearly the same diameter as the form rollers. The one I had, and others I saw were maybe half the diameter. Dissimilar diameters should be better for breaking up ghost images. Either way, a rider really helps when using the long fountain.