Steel Hamilton Cabinet full of type!

Steel Hamilton type cabinet with 24 cases. Full of type in great condition, some huge fonts barely used. Good quality foundry metal type from American Type Foundry. Original ATF labels still in some cases. Sturdy, black and grey original paint. Cases are in great shape, clean inside. Some cases have brass reinforced corners for strength - great for large point size fonts.

Price breakdown for individual fonts available, but prefer to sell as-is. Reasonable offers considered, priority given to whoever can pick it up the soonest. Located in Hyde Park, Chicago.

Fonts included:
18 pt Bank Gothic Light #9
18 pt Bank Gothic Lt #10
18 pt Bank Gothic Medium #19
18 pt Bank Gothic Medium #20
60 pt Lydian
16 pt and 18 pt Brody
48 pt Broadway (lc only)
30 pt Brody
36 pt Brody
24 pt Keynote
24 pt Studio
72 pt Kaufman
24 pt Fortune Extra Bold
24 pt Fortune Bold Italic
24 pt Balloon Extra Bold
30 pt Balloon Extra Bold
48 pt Brody
30 pt Fortune Bold Italic
60 Pt Standard Light Extended
24 pt Brody
60 pt Lydian Bold Condensed
72 pt Lydian Italic
18 pt Studio
18 pt Fortune Bold Italic
18 pt Wedding Text
18 Pt Park Avenue
24 pt Park Avenue

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