Chandler & Price Old Style 8x12 letterpress

This Chandler & Price Old Style 8x12 press is from 1898. I purchased it from Ralph C Crawford in Los Angeles along with a motor to make it run. I did not hook up the motor, and did not buy the treadle kit from Hern Iron Works (the price went up). the rollers need to have the rubber removed and replaced. Mark of International Printing Museum in Carson says this costs about $120 for the 3 rollers. He can also move the press to a local Southern California location or set it up for moving farther away. I am moving in July and need to find the press a good home of some one who will love it and use it. I am setting a price of $575 or best offer. I can include the 4 8x12 chases for $50 (I paid $100 for them). I may also include some type in type drawers. I need it to be sold by 3rd week in July. The press is in good shape (except for rollers) and a beauty.

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image: Press.jpg


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image: wheel.jpg