Heidelberg platen, C&P cutter, CASSCO foil stamper, type

It has been a fun, educational, and rewarding run of fifteen years learning letterpress! However, I’m selling my garage full of equipment.

Highlights include a 1954 Heidelberg platen press (10×15”), a 26” Chandler and Price manual cutter, a 6×12” CASSCO foil stamper, several cabinets of type, lots of ink, Boxcar base, and everything you might need to get up and running for type, photopolymer, lino, etc.

I’ve created a Google spreadsheet (with lots of tabs along the bottom with categories of equipment) that anyone can view which itemizes the equipment: https://bit.ly/2VLsxNG

I’m asking $3500 for the lot. Feel free to reach out if there are specific items or groups (e.g., just the cutter, just the foil stamper, etc.), but I reserve the right to keep some things together if it means it’ll help someone get started.

All equipment is located in a residential, single-car garage in Kitchener, Ontario. Buyers are responsible for safe transportation of purchases (don’t show up with a buddy and a pickup truck to move a windmill, etc.).


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