C&P 8x12 Chandler and Price Letterpress

For sale: C&P 8x12 Chandler and Price Letterpress

Antique letterpress
8x12 inches
Serial# B5884

C&P 8x12 Chandler and Price letterpress. Full working condition! Ready to print today! Smooth clean inking disk and printing surfaces. New electrical wiring, a vintage motor which runs and attached counting machine. 3 ready-to-print rollers (all you need), 3 older rollers and 1 extra core and trucks. 5 chases that fit this press, all in good condition. As a bonus, I can include the following items (your choice): 12 galley trays, 12 quoins, several typefaces of metal type (assorted sizes), tympan paper, cutting dies, stone ink slab (marble? it’s flat and hefty and does the job), table/cabinet on wheels and more.

$1350 OBO
Murfreesboro, TN (not too far from Nashville)

Photos of this specific item are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VNVyjUaFonwO3u241cCeLFgTwauMfaCt...

The press is located in a residential garage (two-car garage door, ground level, on a quiet cul de sac) and can be rolled into a trailer. Removal is the responsibility of the buyer. Could possibly deliver locally for a fee. I’m able to coach you through the rigging/moving process. This press weighs a bit more than 1050 lbs—it’s on skids (estimate 1200lbs?)

This press is fun to print on, but I never do it, so it’s time to let it go to the next caretaker. Here’s a link with more model-specific information and glam shots from the original catalog: https://excelsiorpress.org/Chandler_and_Price/index.html I will remove this listing when the press is no longer available.

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image: CP8x12.jpg