8x12 NS C&P, Challenge 23” Paper Cutter & More

After many years of letterpress printing, we are preparing to move and there is, unfortunately, no room for the press and equipment. I have had this press for over 10 years, during which I have brought it back to life, maintained it and printed many, many things on it. I pulled it out of the original owner’s basement. It is ready to print. Runs on a single phase standard plug motor. The rollers are old but in great shape (rubber, bought new from NA Graphics). The ink fountain is connected but does not deliver ink. I had been working on getting that back to working order but never finished the job. This press prints beautifully. It can diecut and score, too. I have a die jacket for it, as well as scoring matrices.

The 23” Challenge paper cutter is in good shape. Cuts straight. Has a second blade but it is rusty and needs to be cleaned up and sharpened. I also have the blade handles for removing/installing the blade, as well as an extra cutting stick. The main cutter body easily comes off of the base.

I also have tons of rubber-based and oil-based inks, all in great shape. I have a furniture cabinet and several chases, tools, quoin key, lockup keys, a large roll of tympan paper, a boxcar standard base, scores, scoring matrixes (even one that will do 300+gsm paper), different papers, a die jacket, random assortment of dies, envelopes, blank round coasters, clear plastic A3 card sleeves, and probably more.

I am located near Savege, MD about 30 minutes south of Baltimore. These things are all in my walk-out basement. Buyer moves. I can help you get it out of the house but you are responsible for bringing help or paying a rigger. There is a hill that leads from the front of the house to the back, but a truck could be driven to the back.

I’m asking $3500 for everything.You take all this stuff, set it up and you are ready to print. I may consider selling things separately.

If you want to see more pictures or have questions, please feel free to contact me.

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