Vandercook SP20 Test Press +Type, Furniture, accessories

Need to sale a complete Letterpress setup for a friend who can no longer work. Was being used and in good working order two years ago and has been kept well since. Includes 1 Vandercook SP20 Test press, 50 + full trays of type, 10 + half trays, furniture both wood and lead, assorted tools for setup, ink and more.

I really don’t know how to put a price on this because I am not a letterpressman myself, but I’m looking to get a fair price for my friend. Contact me and I can send more photos and detailed information.

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image: Presslabel.jpg


image: Presstopview.jpg


image: Rollers1.jpg


image: TypeCase.jpg


image: FurnitureLead.jpg


image: Furniture.jpg