Letterpress Machines and Paper Cutter

Chandler and Price. No clutch, rollers, or treadle. $400 obo.
Kluge. #RNB12669. Operates. $600 obo.
Chandler and Price 12” x18” converted to hot foil stamping. Single phase. Stamps. $900 obo.
10” x 15” Kluge. #MB105698. $750 obo.
10” x 15” Heidelberg Windmill for die-cutting. May go back to printing with some work. Black ball. $1500 obo.
26 1/2” Challenge hydraulic paper cutter. Style 265F. no.F1451. Operates. Has one blade. $750 obo.

Pictures can be seen on the attached link .

All are on pallets and ready to load.
May be able to help with freight shipping.
Some are in Des Moines, IA and some in Audubon, IA

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