Golding Official #6 Tabletop Press

I am selling my Golding Official #6, and the chase size is 8.25 x 12.25 inches. It was expertly repaired by Andrew Churchman a few years ago, fully operational with new rollers. I can give you all the supplies I have such as furniture, metal type, and quoins.

I love this little press, but my career has unfortunately shifted to mostly digital work and I haven’t printed anything for the last couple of years; so I think it is time to let the press go to someone who can give it a bit more love.

Price is $3500 or best offer. Unfortunately I cannot ship, you’d have to pick it up from my place in Brooklyn, NY.

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image: Golding official #6 image 1

Golding official #6 image 1

image: Golding official #6 image 2

Golding official #6 image 2