Heidelberg Windmills, Challenge Cutter

Selling a pair of mid/late 1950’s windmills. These have been used in a contemporary letterpress shop producing top-quality work for the past 8 years, and can be put to use immediately by the new owner. Both presses are wired for single phase 220 with twist lock plugs, and are already mounted on shipping skids for easy transport, saving a ton of money and hassle for the buyer. Chases, cutting jackets, etc included with sale. Asking $1800 each.

Cutter is an extremely rare SINGLE PHASE 30.5” wide Challenge MPX with programmable power back and hydraulic knife. This is a total game changer for a production shop and will pay for itself in hours saved trimming business cards and the like. Comes with four extra knives, cutting sticks, tools, manual, clamp pads, jogging block, and spare filters for the oil system. Like the presses, the cutter is also wired with a plug and already mounted on a skid, saving hundreds in potential rigging and electrical costs. Asking $2900.

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image: shopfloor.jpg