Vandercook No. 3 Letterpress Printing Press

Vandercook No. 3 Letterpress Printing Press

Beautiful, rare and very hard to find letterpress printing press machine.

This is a Vandercook No. 3.
Vandercook’s are known for their consistent ink coverage and accurate registration since they are a cylinder press vs. platen. This model was most likely made between 1950-1958.

The printing on this press is operated by hand-cranking, it has a removable inking system, rollers are in front of the cylinder, has travelling sheet delivery tray/feed roller, and has a galley height bed. This press is non-electrical and was made to be human-powered.

This Vandercook prints great.

Technical specs:
Bed: 15” × 35”
Maximum sheet: 14¾” × 20”
Maximum form: 14” × 18”
Floor space: 2’2” × 6’6”
Weight: 1000 lb

This press comes with tympan paper, a variety of galley trays and a Vandercook letterpress .968 roller setting gauge. It is also mounted on caster wheels which makes it incredibly easy to move around your shop.


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