Pilot, 6.5” x 10” Table-Top press. Total shop package.

***Sale Pending***
Pilot table top press. 6.5” x 10” in prime condition.
New rollers from Todd’s Press Time In custom box + original roller cores & trucks.
Furniture & Regelets, leads & slugs. A good size selection for multiple lockup’s.
Lead & Slug cutter, composing stick, printers ‘line gauge’ set of 6 lockup quions with key, tympan pressboard & makeready stock. 6 original McGills gauge pins with extra tongues. 2, ancient horsehair, type cleaning brushes. Ink selection with Pantone mixing guide.
5 Fonts of WOOD type.
8 Fonts of metal type with type plane. Includes;
48 pt Jefferson Gothic condensed. With alternate letters.
36 pt Brush.
30 pt Franklin Gothic.
24 pt Century bold.
24 pt Cheltenham Oldstyle Condensed.
18 pt Goudy Oldstyle.
24 pt Sorts, good bold. No L.C. ‘g’
Will palletize and ship in USA +$
Additional photos available.

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