Manufacture date for C & P Newstyle.

I have a new style C & P, the serial number is B63578. Can anyone tell me the manufacture date or how to go about getting it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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According to the list on the APA website, your C&P New Style is an 8x12 manufactured circa 1945-1950.
Here is the URL for the serial number listing—although I can’t guarantee it will work, since there seems to have been a bit of a glitch with it just recently.
Hope this helps.

Steven Miller

According to records avaiable 8x12 C&P Press with serial no. B63578 were manufactured between 1941-1945.

Hope this is the info you want.

Sal J.Zampino


I have a serial number list from the Chandler & Price that came to me from an old family of equipment dealers here in the NW. They used to sell new and service the C&P presses. The list shows that an 8 x 12 New Style had serial numbers B63457 - 1947 and
B63706 - 1948. I looked at the website referenced and the serial numbers do not correspond with this Chandler & Price List.
Good luck!

Steve - According to my list, which appears to be an official list from the Chandler & Price company - and includes 7 pages of serial numbers for various C&P equipment, your press - #63578 left the factory in 1947.

And, since the list ends with ‘discontinued’ in 1962 - at 64780, yours appears to be one of the last 1200 or so built. - a pretty ‘new’ New Style C&P…

1947 begins with B63457
1948 begins with B63706
1962 begins with B64780
next line says ‘discontinued’

My info concurs with Allart’s, so I guess we’re using the same list.

- Alan

Alan: Would you be willing to post a scan of this list? The only lists I’ve seen are second hand ones printed by hobby printers, such as the one posted on greendolphin ( ) that was printed by J. Gordon Boggs for the AAPA and APA. I’d love to see one made by C&P.

Hi – I have a C&P Old Style and I’m looking for the same information… but I can’t get the link posted by rectorypress to work. Comes up 404 Not Found. Any advice? thanks

Try this link.