Colt’s Armory press

Colt’s Armory Press has been SOLD.
Thank you Briar Press readers. This press sold in ten days.

This is the press used by the Grabhorn Brothers of San Francisco for the printing of classic, illustrated deluxe editions of collector’s books in the period 1930-1960. Model no. 6, Colts Press (heavy duty model) for letterpress book printing & also for embossing, and printing of large size illustrations of books, broadsides and posters.
Platen size 14” x 22” 120 volts AC, single phase
Later used for teaching by the famous printer, Richard J. Hoffman, for academic instruction and for printing of numerous books, broadsides & keepsakes.
Mounted on solid wood skid blocks making removal fast and easy. Ground floor level shop with ease of access to adjoining parking lot. Location: North Hollywood CA.
Professional mover recommended.
The design of this Colts Armory press is revolutionary in concept and design. The machine does not function like the ordinary usual clamshell press. The Colts Press platen impinges directly forward, and makes parallel contact with the bed head on, thereby significantly reducing much time in makeready and adjustment and frustration.
This is an extraordinary & beautiful piece of machinery, with an exceptional historic pedigree!
You will never find another Colts Press such as this!
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image: ColtArmoryNotes.jpg