Any Antique Tuscan characters - 1 3/8”

I am just getting started with letterpress printing, after a forced career change due to the economy.

I was graciously given a partial 37 letter set of Antique Tuscan (I believe that is the name) that is just shy of 1 and 3/8 inches tall. It’s absolutely beautiful and I would love to print some stuff for Christmas with it but don’t have enough to work with.

If anyone has any they would be willing to part with, either random individual characters or a set, I would love to have the chance to buy or trade for it. I am interested in both letters, numbers, and special characters.

Thank you,

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image: 121582897_2684656331758105_4507606548152175767_n - Copy.jpg

121582897_2684656331758105_4507606548152175767_n - Copy.jpg