DIY Lever Press?

I was recently pulling fence fence posts from the ground which had around 100lbs of concrete attached to the base. I was using a basic class 2 lever, consisting of nothing more than a couple 2x4s and a rock as a fulcrum. This method worked surprisingly well (especially if you have ever dug them out by hand. (see example) Using this idea for a printing press seems like it could be an easy set up. Though I’m not smart enough to figure out how much pressure per square inch I could exert with any given length of a lever.

Any math wiz’s out there that could help me figure this out?

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Using class 2 levers to print has been around for several hundred years, and is still in use to reproduce historically accurate wallpaper. They are also used by home-made press builders, and printmakers for lino-cuts. Speedball makes one, too… and I’ve got a lever wallpaper press in my garage.

The problem with lever presses is that to get enough pressure to do a good job, the lever has to be rather long, OR you have to use a compound lever, or a toggle joint. However, they can be made to print quite well if made correctly.

calculating them is easy:

keep in mind that in printing, the pressure needed varies with actual print area. We were just discussing that here the other day.

Great. Now I want to make some wallpaper! Thanks for the links those are quite interesting.