Looking For Help Identifying Typeface

I flipped the image so it’s easier to see the letters. Wondering if anyone recognizes this? I don’t have the complete set.. just some orphans. I’ve gone through some type catalogs and can’t find anything close.

image: 299A450E-26B3-41D6-9E2A-FF1DD6498642.jpeg


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Caxton Initials designed by Goudy in 1905, cast by ATF (per McGrew, page 74). These are initials intended to be used as the first character of a sentence or paragraph, so were not cast in large text fonts.

Thanks so much Bob - I really appreciate it.

Goudy issued his Lombardic caps in 1929 for Lanston Monotype. I have complete fonts of 18, 24, 30 and 36 point for sale if you’re interested.