Two Vandercook #4’s in PA

I have two Vandercook #4’s for sale located in Erie, PA. They were part of my studio in Washington, DC for 7 years. We relocated to PA for work, and they’ve been in a garage. Now that I have 3 little boys, I don’t have time so I figure it’s time to sell.

When I purchased them in 2013, they were completely refurbished, and in excellent condition. I paid about $13K per machine. They’ve been in a garage for 3 years, so there a little dusty, however still in great shape.

Because they need cleaned up a bit, I’ll let them go for $9K each. I have of other supplies too including 4-5 bases, plate making machine, etc. If you’re interested in these other items, please let me know!

If someone is looking to start a studio, let me know and I can likely bundle everything for you, and you’d have an amazing setup. With a platemaker, the cost is like 10 cents per inch versus 50 cents per inch. I even have a ton of polymer available.

These were all part of Old City Press, a letterpress studio located in Alexandria, VA. I dont have recent pictures, however can send along links online from people taking pictures of them while in our studio!

Thank you,

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