Farley Printing Press Base

I recently purchased a Farley (No. 12) proofing press which came with two bases - one in pressed steel for the press and another made from cast iron.

If anyone could shed some light on which press it may be for I would be very grateful. The base measures: 735mm high / 610 x 850mm (width / length). It has two solid wooden shelves (I have only one) an inking plate and is held together by two bars with threaded ends.

Many thanks

image: 001.jpg


image: 002.jpg


image: 003.jpg


image: 004.jpg


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I think this is the one, perhaps you can work out from the measurements in the photo, there are other pictures of farleys in the book but the stands are more boxed in, this is the closest I could find,


image: SAM_1044.JPG


image: SAM_1043.JPG


Thank you John and Liz,

Yes, that is it - thank you so much for finding it so quickly. I thought it may even be for a composing stone but you have answered my prayers.

I now need to find someone with a Farley No 6, without a base who is interested in buying it. I have no use for it and would love for it to be reunited with the correct press.

Kindest regards