Odd Objects

Hi, Wondering if anyone knows the official name/purpose of the pieces in the image. Opened a case from a type cabinet I purchased and found them and would love to know their purpose.

image: IMG_8228.jpg


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Most them, the ones made of spring steel, are galley locks. In the lower left is a space band for a Linotype or Intertype. At the bottom right is a liner for a Linotype mold.
If you would like to sell the galley locks, I’m interested.

All the upper ones are galley locks. If you put anything in a standard size galley, like a standing job [a type form you have set up], and you wedge one of these across the end of the galley, against the type, it will hold the job tightly in the galley.

The thing in the lower left is a linotype spaceband. When you are setting a line in a linotype or intertype machine, these are dropped in as spaces. When the line is cast, the spacebands expand as needed to adjust the size of the spaces to fill the extra space in the line.

I can’t really see what the thing in the lower right is.