Windmill roll foil holder


I’m looking for a roll foil holder to complete my Heidelberg restoration.
I have the 1978 Windmill TP model complete with the foil unit attached on top of the press. I managed to find a heating plate and new switch box ( I had to replace the old one not sure if it was still working).

I am now in the process of finding the foil holder ( to be installed just below the chase) . I could probably try get it made locally if I have some sort of design and measurement to follow otherwise if there’s place that sells this part that would be a great help.

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I understand you are looking for a foil roll holder for a Heidelberg Windmill 10x15. Typically these are mounted down inside the press below the bed. Typically these holders are not easy to change rolls.
I have made one that attaches to the sheet metal backing plate of the delivery area. It is easy to change rolls.
If you are interested, let me know and we can discuss and look at pictures.
I am in Portland, OR
Robert B”