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After 30 years of being involved with digital print I have finally taken the plunge into letterpress. I have recently acquired 2 machines to help me on the way, one is an Arab Crown Folio 10” x 15” and the other is what i believe to be a proofing press, i was wondering if anyone could help me identify the proofing press as it has no markings on it. I had 2 new gears cast and cut , the machine now runs very smoothly and comfortably tight. Also, i was wondering what blankets do i need to attach to the drum? there is about a 5mm gap between the top of a type block and the bottom of the drum. thanks

image: IMG_5365.jpeg


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Assuming you had put the type block directly on the bed of the press when coming up with the 5mm figure, 5mm figures out to .197 of an inch (5 mm divided by 25.4 mm per inch).

I will also assume you will be printing with the type on a steel galley, which is normal for a proof press. Galleys, at least in North America and hopefully in Britain as well, are usually .050 inch thick. So, .197 minus.050 =.127 inch which you have to make up.

Look all over the cylinder and see if there is a number stamped on it like .040, .070, .100, or ?? That could be the thickness of the packing which the cylinder is designed for. Usually tympan paper is used for this packing. Tympan is strong paper which is treated with an oily substance.

Say for example that your cylinder is designed for .070 packing. Then the .127 figure from above, minus .070 for the packing, leaves .057 which you still have to make up. Probably the best way to make this up would be to put .057 inch of pressboard, chipboard, paper or something similar under the galley that has your type on it.

That is how I would approach it. Perhaps someone else will chime in with a better way. Hope this helps.