Part Compatibility for Pilot Presses

I feel like this is a question for Alan Runfeldt, so if you see this it would be great to fill us all in. This may exist already as well, but I didn’t see the topic in a quick search.

I have a C&P Pilot O.S. and a Craftsmen Pilot, and I was wondering, how many parts are compatible between the C&P Pilot O.S., C&P Pilot N.S., and Craftsmen Pilot?

There are some things that are obvious, but things like springs and the like, are they all the same, or is there some nuance to each machine that makes them specific? Is there any difference in the roller sizes between presses?

Specifically for the C&P Pilot and the Craftsmen Pilot that was a direct copy, are parts from one press compatible with another?

Thanks everyone ahead of time.

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