Metal type came with a Showcard press

Hi all,

I have a Showcard press (like a large square panini press) that I’m going to sell, it came from an old department store and came with 2 different sizes of metal type. I’d like to know what the type it is before I sell it.

I thought something like Impact or Grotesque No. 9 but they’re both not quite right. The flick on the R should help, and the ampersand has a flat top.

Thanks in advance

image: type3a.jpg


image: type2a.jpg


image: type1a.jpg


image: type4a.jpg


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Does the type have a slotted base? and how tall are the letters?

Thanks for looking. They’re 2.4cm tall on this one, the smaller set 1.7cm tall. There’s no slotted base on either.

The right hand side is solid, while the left hand side has 2 semi circular sections removed for finger gripping - see photo.

image: type5a.jpg


The Mouldtype Foundry of England’s specimen book of May 1956 shows Narrow Gothic Titling to have the characteristics of your type. Photo attached.

image: 8EF1ED63-2AD2-43A8-BB29-AA86188C1154.jpeg


The open sections aren’t for gripping, they are to reduce metal for better casting and weight. Monotype Supercaster?

Parallel_Imp is correct, this is standard for large Point sizes above 36 pt cast on British Monotype Super Casters.

Thanks to you all, Kenneth Burnley, typenut and parallel_imp, all this is correct and excellent information.