Ludlow cabinet drawer layout

Does anyone happen to have historical literature from Ludlow noting their ideal layout of mats in their cabinet drawers?

We’re trying to set up our Ludlow foundry as accurately as possible and we have a dozen or so cabinets that need cleaning and reorganizing. While we’re at it we might as well have them all set up the same and as-Ludlow intended.

The numbers and letters are obvious; it’s more so punctuation, special characters, etc. Do those “officially” go somewhere like in a California job case? I can’t seem to find a drawing or diagram from Ludlow anywhere! Thanks so much!

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Karch. Ludlow

image: Ludlow.jpg


Please see attached

image: LudlowCase.jpg


Here is a higher res photo

image: LudlowCaseLayout.jpg


Pardon the repeats. Preview of previous wasn’t readable

image: LudlowCaseRightHand.jpg


image: LudlowCaseLeftHand.jpg