12 x 18 C&P and E.P. Lawson Guillotine – Philadelphia, PA

C&P is free for the taking (but you must move it). Needs a little bit of cleaning up, and the rollers are due for recovering, but parts are all in working order. Has motor (to be hooked up), no treadle. All rollers and cores. Located on lower level with ramp exit to street, through 36 in doorway.

E.P. Lawson Guillotine in working order. Tabletop model, wheeled base available with it if you’d like. Metal belt that adjusts the placement of back guide needs some TLC – slips so manual assistance in moving the guide is needed. Blade length: 20 in. Approximate dimensions: 24” x 40” x 36”. $250 requested goes directly to non-profit community shop.

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image: IMG_8382.JPG


image: IMG_8381.JPG