Printers to Print Excerpt from Kelmscott Chaucer

This year the William Morris Society celebrates 125 years since the publication of the Kelmscott Chaucer, the crowning glory of Morris’s book printing venture.

A key part of our celebrations will be a new interpretation of key extracts from the Kelmscott Chaucer, created by contemporary letterpress printers and artists. This project aims to shine a light on the craft of printing in the 21st century while also showing the continued relevance of Morris’s iconic Kelmscott Chaucer.

We invite YOU to print a selection from Morris’s Chaucer.
You have full creative licence - you can use purely type, introduce illustration, print in any language, it’s up to you. The only rule is that the submission be no larger than 60(W) X 85(H)cm.

For full information please visit the following webpage -

Please write to [email protected] with your top two choices to print by 5 July 2021, to confirm your participation.

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