Craftsmen Letterpress - Printing Press (with Table/Letters)

Pretty sweet deal about to close on ebay for anyone in the Oregon area.

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Someone got that for a steal.

No kidding, that was gone quick. Great looking little press.

Right?! What a deal. I was curious about the bed of that press. Did anyone notice it looked like it had an inset of some kind?

Do you mean the little plate that was on the platen? I’m going to guess that it was for die cutting little things, but I rightfully don’t know.

There was a hole in the bed though, and that looked pretty deliberate. Always exciting to see strange workarounds on presses.

Something like a cut-down bed on a platen press often signifies that it has been used for an over-type-height numbering machine. I have seen one 10x15 Kluge automatic with the entire bed cut down and a block to bolt in to bring the press up to type height. I know that, years ago, all the major celluloid button manufacturers had at least one press with a cut-down area in the chase bed to handle a machine with (usually) 1/2” figures for I.D. and permit badges, etc. Some of these machines required the use of outside mechanical or air trips to function. Frank.

So here is a good ending to this thread. I was repairing a Craftsman today, and lo and behold, there is a hole in the bed. Because they all have them. Because that’s how the chase hook is held on.

It’s amazing how much you can look at a thing, and still forget.