C&P New series roller springs

Can anyone share a picture of the roller springs on their C&P?

I realize spring tension is pretty far down on the list of likely issues, but my press was formerly taken apart and re-assembled by a—to use a technical term—total dipshit, and I’m wondering if they managed to mess something up. The springs feel ridiculously compressed even with the rollers off and removing/replacing them is very difficult. (Yes, the saddle arms are oiled and move smoothly through the roller frame)

I’d love to see what Correct Springs look like so I can either attempt to fix them or accept that my arms are apparently sad and weak and move on. Thanks

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What size press?

In my experience there he bigger the c&p the tighter the springs.

My 12x18 presses have to be levered up to remove the rollers.

My 8x12 can be pulled up by hand

My 10x15 is kinda in between, but on the harder side.

It’s a 10x15. That’s helpful insight, thank you.

The double saddle arms I can usually manage to pull up but the singles I have to lever up and stick a block of furniture in to keep them from snapping back while I get the roller placed.
So maybe she’s fine and I am just looking for problems where there are none.

Thanks for the photo. Looks about the same, and I’m reassured that it’s not just me and Petunia.

Appreciate both of you taking the time to answer.