Golding Pearl No. 11

I’ve decided to sell my fully refurbished 1912 Golding Pearl No.11 letterpress printing press.

With a fully functioning ink fountain, side ink table, counter, brake, treadle, and no welds it’s one of the most complete versions of this press in existence. It has a set of 4 newish rollers and two chases. I’ve documented my restoration process on Flickr and would be happy to share.

The weight is about 700lbs and the press is located in a garage for easy access. You would be in charge of pickup.

I’m asking $3200 based on the completeness of this press. Willing to entertain offers.

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image: Goldingpearl11.jpg


image: Goldingpearl11-1.jpg


image: Goldingpearl11-2.jpg


image: Goldingpearl11-3.jpg


image: Goldingpearl11-4.jpg