Challenge Paper Cutter Style 265 information

I am trying to get a date range for this manual Challenge cutter. Maybe some specs too.

image: 4394B4C3-D373-4AC6-B0DB-6DDC81FE1C45.jpeg


image: 0FFFAE2D-5E41-411B-845B-919D46224540.jpeg


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1948-1949. The Challenge website at
can be searched; you have a C series Paper cutter, and they have its manual for download, the pdf heavily overstruck with
“Notice: Unsupported Product!
No Technical Support Available!
No Repair Parts Available!”
Most companies would not provide such out-dated information, and it is good of Challenge to provide such a dead-end, even if it’s just so you don’t go bothering them for more.
I have the same cutter, with one difference: a bottle jack added for a very slow power cut (after-market, I assume).
There is a slight possibility that the one thing Challenge could provide would be a replacement measuring tape, but it’d be out of the ordinary.
I haven’t dealt with them but
has parts for some models; according to them, in 2014 Challenge dropped support for older models.