Type and related items, Portland, OR

If possible I’d prefer a buyer for all items:

Type and related items such as leading and spacing.
List of type:
18 Coronet
30 Murray Hill
18 Flash
10 Stymie
48 Stymie Light ATF 553
18 Stymie Regular
36 Stymie Regular
72 Spartan medium ATF 680
18 Park Ave ATF 577
18 Century Schoolbook (no caps)

24 Bold script
18 Bold script san serif
24 script
14 San serif Bold
18 script Romany (?)
10 script

All type is in good condition and most cases are full/complete.

Kelsey 5x8 model U

Rouse mitering slug cutter

type cabinets, one full size, one 2/3 size

Located in Portland, OR

Please email.

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image: press side view.jpg

press side view.jpg

image: miter cutter top.jpg

miter cutter top.jpg

image: corner rounder.jpg

corner rounder.jpg

image: type kauffman.jpg

type kauffman.jpg

image: type 24 pt.jpg

type 24 pt.jpg