I’m in the process of moving my Vandercook SP-15 press to a new home. My problem is the press is in an area that has a very tight opening to remove it. And also, an elevator. So my question is can I remove the roller carriage from the press with out harm to the calibration. Also, can the mother be removed and the back housing. I realize this sounds like a lot but I love the press and the person who gave it to me said it was very difficult to get it up in the room. I am open to any suggestions. I’m in West Chester, PA. Thanks Larry

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You can definitely remove the carriage and this will make moving it a lot easier. I was able to carry my SP15 with two friends after removing the carriage, and get it into my basement down some pretty significant stairs (sliding on 2x4s). Just put a pair of 2x4s under the bed, and lift it right up.

Get a half pallet, strap the carriage to it for easier, safer transport. Make sure to remove the handle, it is easy and there are a lot of stories of hitting the handle on doorways etc. during a move and breaking it. Mine has a nice chunk taken out of it from a previous move by the original owner…

I wouldn’t bother with removing the motor, it isn’t that heavy compared to the bed itself, so in my opinion it isn’t worth it having to deal with wiring it back up.

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And to be clear, for moving it down stairs, I recommend putting a set of 2x4 on the stairs, then sliding the press down using a rope and pulley tied around the press. I got mine down stairs with just 2 people using this method.

See below image (I found this online prior to moving my press, sorry for not remembering whose photo it is).

image: 1.jpg