kelsey model N -question

picked up a kelsey 3x5 press today this is whats on it :
model N.
send for catalog of supplies
Mercury model 3 x 5
can anybody give me some info on it -history,year made, rare or not ?
also what is the difference from the model c ?
btw the ink plates spins counter clockwise
.thanks Eric [email protected]

image: kelsey1.jpg

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Center on the bedplate will be a letter - number - letter combination. The number will be the year.
There is an on-going thread on this site regarding Kelsey history. Read away.

thanks it says A61D so what year is that ? any more you can tell me about this unit /

Looks like yours was made in April, 1961.

A=size (A=3x5, B=5x8, C=6x10, etc.)
D=month (A=January, B=February, etc.)

What is the “N” model as opposed to the “C” that I have seen on ebay & what might it get in $ on ebay? All is intact except it needs new rollers