New Style 8x12 C&P

I have a new style 8x12 C&P that I’m trying to get up and running. The previous owner had it on a motor that is currently dead. I’m interested in getting a treadle on it but it looks like I currently have a straight shaft instead of the curved crank shaft. I think there might be a shaft box missing as well? Not sure, I was hoping to get some guidance and/or advice. Or if anyone knows where I can purchase replacements that would be so helpful.

Thank you in advance :)

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I have the crank, flywheel, and treadle from an old style 8x12 C & P. I am in Portland OR
Let me know.
I would agree with the first comment and run it off a motor.
Robert B”

Thank you so much for responding!

Yea, it’s in pieces right now. I’m going to attach some photos. It appears to have two fly wheels? I’m assuming one is meant for the motor? You can kinda see that the hole where the straight shaft goes through seems a bit big as if something is missing (shaft box?). And then I still need to attach the handle, forgot what that’s called.

The wood that it was resting on completely rotted off.

Also if anyone knows where I can get some trucks and rollers, I’m missing those too. Not sure what else I might be missing.

I would ideally like to do the treadle/crankshaft option but if its better to use a motor I’m not apposed to that. I would just need to find a solution that allows me to plug the motor into a regular 110V.

pic 1

sorry having a hard time uploading pics

I guess you could email me and I can show you what I mean.